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It’s all about memories

I like to see in special moments and in special young people everything a world could offer. Smiles, creativity, kindness, nervosity, curiosity, attitude, energy, impassibility, dedication and more like this.  From time to time you have part of all of above and you have to see it as the biggest opportunity in your life, especially when you meet young people from 10 different countries: Italy, Albania, Romania, Spain, Montenegru, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Why is like this? Memories about Europe are in a course of changes. We don’t have any more the sense of the past about wars, totalitarianism, extremism, boundaries that never could be cross, stupid nationalism, even if they still exist today (I hope in a decrease in this logic of thinking the world or people today). Our memories are different today, or at least they appear in a different way – love, democracy, open space to travel, open space to study, open space to meet people and to compare the realities, more contacts and more communication, freedom to choose what to learn and how to do it etc. – not at and ideal level, of course, but it is a way to see Europe around us in a totally different path. It is more clear for me that Europe will never become the United States of Europe, because Europe is just a way of believing in people and places (and I’m glad that we have what to offer betweem us, even if we are from different countries or regions).

One of the moments like this was in Trebinje, Bosnia&Herzegovina. The project “Media Training for Youth Organizations” provided the opportunity to discover and to practice the basic information about social-media, press release, press conference, visibility of our work, NGOs. We were participating in the project during the european election, during political, social and economical changes. A good opportunity to discuss and debate about our lifes, about politiciens, why Europe needs people (leaders) who really believe in us,  why is important not to give a big importance to those who create animosities, release tips of extremism and nationalism, inserts anger, hate and bad feelings between people. Usually in Youth in Action projects you can have people or places. When you have nice people you don’t have a good place, or vice versa. But here was not the case. And I repeat, I’m not having and idealistic or wistful moment.

What was good about all the people there and the moments? They made for me memories that I will remember all my life, like any other memories beatiful until now. Imagine you meet 30 young people with a lot of sense of humor. What do you do? Of course, you make jokes. Many, many, many, and you will see that smiling is the best way to achieve creativity and good social relations. You experience freedom in this way. Energy is what recommends young people without any obstacles in what they have to say. Ok, what is to much cause disturbance, but when the energy is use to have a result (even for yourself), then is enough. You can see faces (not Facebook-s), smiles, visions. You collect during an experince like this strange feellings (from different reasons).  I don’t have a definition for „strange feelings”, but you can try to connect with anything I said above.

The „specialty” in this kinds of projects, like the one that just finished in Trebinje, is sharing – music, movies, ideas, art, books. Have you ever asked yourself, what is the most popular writer in Albania, or Montenegru (or any other country)? You should! Never know what you will discover. For me sharing music (artists, songs, styles) is “an open highway”, without rules, just to see what human voice and mind can make with a “sound”.

But, what was more important is that my imagination about this part of Europe (Balkans) is in a big contrast with what I experienced and seen during my travelling in this region.

Remember, moments like this are about memories for controlling the past, living the present and make stories for the future, and I am glad I’m part of it. Thank you to all my good friends around Europe.


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