Routine and Indifference

27 dec.
To have an attitude and to take action make a difference between admitting and taking as a role model a type of behaviour that considers the attachment towards development, comprehension, and perseverance. Routine and indifference are two erroneous attitudes towards the necessities that each of us has in three different circumstances: personal, social, and family wise (or couple wise).

Whenever the personal necessities are brought into discussion one is allotted the role to understand oneself, to persevere or to find outlets for a better life, and to create a more dynamic and distinct schedule periodically. What detains one in applying all this? There are many consequences at stake, like tiredness after a long period of failing attempts, the lack of initiative, the vicious circles that block the identification of a new opportunity, and so on and so forth.

When we refer to social needs we realize that the human being is not created only to regard one’s needs. Life in a community is synonymous to cooperation, communication, tolerance, discovery, even though you live in the community where you were born. Activities to engage in can be found even there: volunteering, performances, or periodic getaways with your friends in various locations.

By means of the obstacles enjoined by routine, and fueled by ourselves, it seems that routine itself is the best “teammate”. Indifference is the source of bereft of reason, by promoting hypocrisy and triviality. And I don’t speak about indifference as a simple act of passivity, or as an act of not paying interest to anyone, but as a generator of routine in all the domains: politics, education, or sports. We often mention mentality. I tried to avoid this word as much as possible for it seemed that it failed to be comprehended and I decided to use other partition, respectively the deficiencies that build a mentality. Mentality is a process oriented towards attitude, faith, relationships, or towards our every day thoughts; and our thoughts revolve around aspects like being the richest people in the country or around continuously watching all the tittle-tattles of the “high life”, where obviously everything is limited at a certain point. This turns into a routine that one can hardly overcome. You may read about “the occult and the uncanny” but everything can be combined with a review, or with a movie description. If you resent writing, at least read, if you don’t like sport, eat healthy food, and the examples can follow.

Returning to routine and to the manner in which we generate it, all of us know about the lack of initiative present in the family or in the couple life. Well, saying I LOVE YOU to someone (which should be done in a genuinely sincere attitude) will never be understood as a repetitive way of uttering something meaningless (or at least this is how I see these things). In order to eliminate routine in a relationship you can discuss on different topics every day, this will always be thrilling and it will enhance the communicational skills but this is only a way to get rid of the bad habits of only focusing the discussions on material needs, money, pointless life or on uneducated children. In fact, we are the source of all this. Going for walks, spending romantic evenings, or listening to quality music can help us overcome these obstacles; we only have to rise on our tip toes and to jump up and down for several times (the mind will always restore its position of comfort and will take off in the pursuit of new solutions).

I haven’t written this article (now) to criticize the people who share such habits but to redress our behaviour and our attitudes towards what happens with ourselves, through ourselves and with the others. And now I specifically refer to the community and to the society levels. I even have a better example here in Germany that can provide an unfailing comparison. My colleagues from Romania and I actually noticed that we like to curse, to apostrophize, to criticize (I do this as well) but I act in consequence, and many times incomprehensibly for the others because they’re not used to this. What would it be like if we found time for “varieties” in our customariness? Imagination and denouement, these can be the structures to base our activities on. And maybe only then should we have good outcomes in politics also, in sports or in education and so on. I realized that the genuine tourism can only be made with the people, not with the travel agencies or with the ministries (more often than not they just administrate the gains meant either for the private or for the public sector).

Life is not a form of collecting everything that is not good (despite of not proving the opposite) but it is a relatively easy attempt to do something else besides the simple facts of going to work, watching a movie or sleeping 12 hours per day.

I have also written this article for the young people in my generation, who have the mission to employ a different attitude towards what happens nowadays, local, national or European wise. We must acknowledge that routine and indifference make our lives useless but, at the same time, we should understand that not everyone can become leader, manager, certified translator or professional sportsperson. Each of us is endowed with one’s own qualities and skills, with experiences that one should identify and should get them going. I have the conviction that we will have better teachers, sportspeople, and politicians in the near future but we should begin to take action from this moment itself. Every activity has its own purpose, and every person is of paramount importance for the community.



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